Cooking Assistant for Pressure Cooking

Technology which also thrills novice cooks

Enter the "Cookpit" and embark on a journey of enjoyment through your kitchen.
The new vitacontrol® digital and the associated Fissler Cooking App open up new opportunities for state-of-the-art cooking.

The digital cooking assistant – simple and user-friendly with the guarantee of a successful cooking experience!

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Your digital cooking assistant

The vitacontrol® digital was specially designed for the product lines vitavit® edition and vitavit® premium. The uncomplicated cooking assistant reliably collects all the data of the cooking process and ensures stress-free cooking with its straightforward user interface.

The intelligent Fissler Cooking App is suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS).

With its digital recipe collection – over 60 recipes with 180 ingredients – it provides a wealth of tasty ideas which are extremely easy to cook thanks to the detailed step-by-step instructions.
The cooking times of more than 130 ingredients are also integrated.

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Fissler Cooking App

The Fissler Cooking App with all updates and enhancements is available free of charge in the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) and at Google Play (for Android devices).

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Compatibility vitacontrol® digital

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Tutorial vitacontrol® digital


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